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  1. Posted by mewebc, — Reply

    A Giant Bug! A Mouse... A Thats good. Long as you arent leaving hateful responses and drawing is addition to ans Id be good and might even give ya extra credit. 😀

  2. Posted by tiannafunyay, — Reply

    History, Ela, and Science teachers be like: "Make annotations/comments" and Math teachers start punching the air

  3. Posted by mewebc, — Reply

    I would not accept a test paper full of smart mouthed comments.

  4. Posted by gianlucaf9, — Reply

    Because you don't need it for pure maths?

  5. Posted by mattacheosparta, — Reply

    Lol, just disable them

  6. Posted by tyleroverduyn, — Reply

    Savage teatcher lol

  7. Posted by catalinakb2505, — Reply

    I wanna try this..

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